A Better Beaufort County

Who Is Vernell Scott?

I am a native of Beaufort and a product of the Beaufort County School System. A professional woman who has run her own law practice in Beaufort County since 1990. I am a fiercely independent individual and understand that a judge must be impartial and treat all fairly. I have had years of experience listening to all sides of an argument, applying the law and making rational, secure decisions. I understand that people and the law must live, work, and grow together to make a better Beaufort.  

Why Should You Care?

You need someone who will listen to your concerns. I am that someone and I am here to listen. You want someone who will be a positive example of what every child can do and be – when they exercise their faith. You deserve someone who does not run from the hard, pointed questions but will stand and fight for the equitable and unbiased answer. We all need, want, and deserve someone who will teach us how to fight.

What Will I Do For You?

I can and will, by running and winning, help change the trajectory of your family’s future by demonstrating that one person can positively make a difference.

I can and will show, by example, that with God all things are possible. I can and will stand for what is right – even in the face of massive opposition. 

Like Mohammad Ali who refused to go to Vietnam “to kill people who look like me”. Like Justice Bader, a woman, and Justice Kennedy, a man, who for years have made rational decisions on the US Supreme Court.

I can and will make rational, defendable decisions .

Help me help you

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